Vocational Trainees

It is required to find a vocational training for admission at an academy or other similar institution you cherish in order to apply for the EU Blue Card permit.

Upon completion of training, the trainees are permitted to stay in the member state for another year to seek employment. In the meanwhile, any kind of job might be taken up as a means of self-support.

Once a job of your qualification is found, an appropriate residence permit such as the EU Blue Card should be obtained.

The following are the documents you need when applying:

  • A recognized university diploma – for unregulated professions
  • In case of regulated profession – present the acquired certificate
  • A work contract of at least one year in the hosting state
  • Proof that your salary exceeds the average in the hosting state by 1.5 times or 1.2 times for professions in shortage
  • A written declaration by your employer
  • A valid travel document
  • Proof of no threat to the public policy, security or health of the hosting state
  • An application form, filled either by you or your employer
  • Two passport-size personal photos, not older than 6 months
  • Proof of application fee payment
  • Health insurance proof

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