Family Reunification

EU member states issuing the EU Blue Card grant holders the right to bring family members in the hosting state. The EU Blue Card holder should have a work contract of one or more than one year within the hosting state.

You are entitled to bring:

  • Your spouse
  • Children
  • Partner
  • Children of your spouse or
  • Other relatives dependent on you

You are the sponsor for your family member’s permit, by providing:

  • Sufficient  financial resources
  • Proof of relationship to the EU Blue Card holder
  • Suitable accommodation (sufficient space for all family members)
  • Health insurance

The family member’s documents requested in order to apply must be prepared according to the adequate Embassy or Consulate requirements.

Once your family is granted the permit, upon arrival they will have access to the same rights as the rest of the citizens – education, working and living rights.

You can invite your family to accompany you in a hosting state whether you are an EU Blue Card or Permanent Residency Permit holder.

Other rules apply for EU citizens trying to bring their non-EU family members to the residing EU state.

Non-EU family members of EU citizens are required:

  • A valid passport
  • Registration certificate or proof of your residence
  • Proof of family relationship (marriage or birth certificate, depending on the relationship)
  • For children or grandchildren – proof of being under 21 or dependent on you
  • For parents or grandparents – proof of dependency on you
  • For other family members – proof of dependency on you, health conditions, etc.
  • Unmarried partners – proof of long-term relationship with you

If obtained, the residency permit is valid for up to 5 years and expires on the same date as the holder’s. Family members may have to wait for a maximum of 6 months for the arrival of the decision by competent authorities.

EU Blue Card holders are free to move with their families within other EU member states by notifying the authorities either primarily or within one month of arrival in the new member state.

Family members are not required to speak the language prior to moving to the hosting EU state although faster access to employment is enjoyed by the ones who do speak the language, especially the B1 level.

Restrictions to Family Reunification:

  • Spouses under 21 years of age may be refused the permit
  • Family members considered hazardous to the public policy, health and security

Residence in other member states

After 18 months, you and your family members are allowed to move in another member state.

Family members must present:

  • Proof of residence in the 1st hosting state
  • Valid travel document
  • Health insurance proof
  • Accommodation in the hosting state
  • Sufficient maintenance funds

If your family members did not reside in the 1st hosting state, they may apply for family reunification directly to the 2nd member state.