How can my family join me in applying for the EU Blue Card?

Depends on whether your family applies at the same time as you. If applying simultaneously then you can include them in your online application. If not, they can fill their own online application.

What is a Recognized Qualification?

A recognized university diploma is one that is equivalent to the diplomas obtained when graduated from an EU member state university.
If you do not have an equivalent diploma, recognized in the hosting state, then you must send it for recognition to the specific certification authorities.

Who is excluded from the EU Blue Card?

Excluded from the EU Blue Card are OMR and OCT nationals, EU nationals, EEA and EFTA nationals as well as UK, Ireland, Denmark, Japan, Israel, South Korea, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and USA.

How successful is the EU Blue Card?

The EU Blue Card proved very effective in offering good work conditions to qualified workers and talents who did not have the opportunity to fully practice their professions in their home countries because of lack of appropriate conditions. Also, the payment is a bonus for the jobs they practice in the hosting countries. Moreover, it has shown to be beneficial and profitable for the hosting states in the sense that it has brought initiative and innovation accompanied with economic and social growth.

What will my salary be in the EU member states?

The salary depends mostly on the company you have been admitted in. But, there is the salary threshold which shows the minimum salary that is respected and protected by the law.

Can I get the permanent residency through the EU Blue Card?

Yes. You must work for 33 months in the hosting state or 21 months while also earning the B1 language certificate which enables you to qualify for the permanent residency permit earlier. Furthermore, if you work in different EU member states and gather 5 years of work experience altogether then you are a strong candidate for the permanent residency permit.

How long is the EU Blue Card valid?

The EU Blue Card is valid from 2 to 4 years with possible renewing options. Mostly it depends on the work contract you provide and the period you are entitled to work in the hosting state. For as long as the work contract renews the EU Blue Card will too. After 5 years of work experience you will be qualified as a permanent residency permit candidate.

Is age important when applying for the EU Blue Card?

It is good to be a highly-qualified worker around the age of 30-40, but age is not an important factor nor strongly considered.

What may happen if I overstay my residency permit?

You may have to go back to your home country and find yourself in an irregular situation and should leave the country.

Can I interrupt my stay in Germany during EU Blue Card validity period?

Yes, you can. You are allowed to stay in non-EU countries for a year with the EU Blue Card.

This is also applicable to your family members. However, this time will not be credited when applying for a residency permit.

Can I move freely within the EU while my application for the EU Blue Card is still being processed?

Yes, although you may be given a confirmation document regarding your EU Blue Card status.

Can I move freely within the EU with an EU Blue Card?

Yes, the EU Blue Card is valid in all EU member states.

Can I apply for an EU Blue Card in order to seek employment in Germany?

To apply for the EU Blue Card you must already have a job offering contract and a declaration from the employer demanding and reasoning your recruitment. You cannot seek employment through the EU Blue Card, you must request the Employment visa for that matter in the corresponding Embassy in your home country.

Are spouses entitled to be issued with a residence permit?

Spouses of residence permit holders or EU Blue Card holders are entitled to the same permit as their spouses without exception.

Am I entitled to attend an integration course?

Yes, anyone can attend or become admitted in the integration courses.

What conditions need to be met in order for an EU Blue Card to be issued?

You must be a non-EU citizen, have a recognized university diploma and a job offer in the hosting EU member state with a salary along the stipulated threshold.

Is my qualification/degree valid in other EU member states?

Yes, it is validated by the EU directive on the Recognition of Professional Diplomas/Qualifications since 2005.

How can my family apply for the EU Blue Card?

Your family can seek for reunification which is possible for family members of EU Blue Card holders. As an EU Blue Card holder you can bring your spouse, children under 16, children of your spouse, unmarried partner, and dependable relatives who need further documentation that prove their dependence on the EU Blue Card holder.

What are the restrictions to obtaining the EU Blue Card?

  • If you are a hazard to society
  • If you applied with false documents
  • If you no longer meet the required conditions

Can I apply for the EU Blue Card if I am provided the visitor visa?

You cannot apply for the EU Blue Card if you applied for a visitor visa.

How long does it take for the EU Blue Card response?

You may have to wait for 90 days for a response.

Does EU Blue Card offer accommodation for its candidates?

No, it is not obligatory to offer such conditions.

Do I need to leave and re-enter the hosting country when changing residency titles?

It is not necessary to leave in order to change residency status into an EU Blue Card holder.

Do you need work experience in order to obtain the EU Blue Card?

In case you do not provide a recognized qualification then at least 5 years of work experience are required to qualify you as a professional candidate.

What are the preconditions to be met for self-employed candidates?

Self-employed workers who want to apply for the EU Blue Card must:

  • Provide an economic interest that is scarce or a need in the hosting EU member state
  • The business will have a positive effect in the economy of the hosting state
  • You possess sufficient financial resources to provide for the operation of the business

Also, the candidate must:

  • Have a successful business experience
  • Impact employment
  • Contribute to trainings, research and innovation

Moreover, the independent business must be in relation to the knowledge gained either in university or by the work experience as a scientist, academic or other highly-qualified occupations.

What happens if I lose my current job while an EU Blue Card holder?

If this happens, then you are allowed to stay unemployed for 3 months in order to find a new job otherwise your EU Blue Card may be withdrawn and you may be asked to leave the hosting country.

Are relatives of the EU blue card owners allowed to work without limits in Germany?

Yes, relatives of the owners of the EU blue card can work without delay and limits in Germany

Is language knowledge a requirement for obtaining the Single permit?

It is important to be able to speak the language of the hosting country, especially after many years of residing there. For obtaining the Residency permit, you need to be a B1 level language speaker. Whereas, in cases of family reunification – family members are not required to speak the language prior to arriving in the hosting country.