Intra-Corporate Transferees Directive

The Intra-Corporate Transferee directive, complementing the EU Blue Card directive, has been approved in 2014 to improve and simplify the process of issuing work permits by providing faster access to qualified non-EU workers. It also enables multinational corporations to legally transfer their employees throughout their places of operation – which has proved to be a very effective practice.

The selected employee must have worked for the company from 3-12 uninterrupted months prior to being able to apply for this directive.

Intra-Corporate Transferees should present the following documents:

  • For unregulated professions  – a recognized university diploma
  • In case of regulated profession – shall present proof or the acquired certificate
  • A work contract of at least one year in the hosting state
  • Proof of your salary exceeding by 1.5 times the average salary in the hosting state or for professions in shortage 1.2 times the average salary in the hosting state
  • A written declaration by your employer
  • A valid travel document
  • Not pose any threat to the public policy, security or health of the hosting state
  • A filled application form, by either you or your employer
  • Two passport-size personal photos not older than 6 months
  • Proof of application fee payment
  • Proof of return home after job completion
  • Dates of mobility if required to work in more than one EU member state

Within 90 days, you will get the decision upon your status from the competent authorities.

If the candidate will not stay more than 9 months in the EU member states, the family reunification benefits may not be granted.

The Intra-Corporate Transferee permit will be valid for a maximum of 3 years for managers and specialists whereas 1 year for trainee employees. In case of renewal necessities, you should apply 90 days before expiration date of your permit.

For any changes (place or work), notify the competent authorities prior to or within one month of the change occurrence.

Intra Corporate Transferees are not entitled to:

  • Housing,
  • Grant or
  • Loan rights.