Long-term residents

Permanent residency permit can be obtained after 5 years of legally residing and working within the hosting EU member state as an EU Blue Card holder. Periods of 10 months or 6 consecutive months not residing in the hosting state for reasons like military service, illnesses, maternity or research and study – will not be regarded as interrupting the residence within the hosting state.  

In order to obtain the long-term residency permit, you need:

  • Sufficient financial resources to maintain yourself, not seeking social assistance
  • Health insurance

Here is an example of an online application form for the permanent residency permit.

You may have to wait for a maximum of 6 months for a response to your application for the long-term residency permit.
The validity of you permanent residency permit is 5 years and you may automatically apply for renewal after its expiration date.

With permanent residency, you are given free access to almost the same benefits as the citizens of the hosting state and can also move freely within the rest of the EU member states.

Access to:

  • Employment and all correlating conditions
  • Education and vocational training
  • Social security and health insurance
  • Social assistance
  • Social benefits
  • Freedom of movement, especially the EU
  • Freedom of association or union
  • Housing
  • Grants
  • Loans

You may reside in another EU member state for a period of over 3 months in case of:

  • Economic activity as employed or self-employed
  • Pursuit of studies

In order to do so, you may need to present to the authorities, the following documents:

  • The long-term residence permit
  • Identity document
  • Employment contract
  • Accommodation
  • Financial resources
  • Health insurance

Family members are allowed to accompany long-term residents based on the family reunification directive.  

In EU states’, citizenship permit may be obtained only if you legally work and reside for approximately 8 years.

Rejections to long-term residency permit

You may be rejected the long-term residency permit, on grounds of:

  • Public policy and security threat
  • Absence from the hosting country for more than 12 consecutive months
  • Fraud
  • The number of non-EU citizens admitted is already set out by the hosting state